Jillian Harris recommends evoking emotion and a story line when designing a room.

Jillian Harris recommends evoking emotion and a story line when designing a room.

Jillian’s Design Tips

  • Mar. 16, 2011 9:00 a.m.

Indulge asked celebrity designer Jillian Harris to share some of her favourite tricks and tips on how to make a house feel like a home.

Here’s her design advice to readers:


“I love a room that evokes personality and tells a story, with pieces of art, fabric or furniture that are unique to a client. I enjoy getting up-close with a client to understand their needs, wants and style as well as making sure to bring out their personality into a space.”


• Throw away design magazines and develop your own personal style.


• Create original artwork by having important memories professionally framed in a unique way. For example, an old key from Grandma’s house framed in an oversized shadow box, or your first baseball from when you were a kid. “The more interesting the better,” Harris says. “The key here is to have it professionally framed, so it looks like a real piece of original art.”


• Don’t be afraid to mix patterns and graphic. “If you love floral and stripes, mix them. Damask and a modern herringbone? Totally OK! Think about what you love and it will work together for you.”


• Ensure your accessories tell a story, and aren’t just there because they look nice. “In my home, I have a deer antler I found while camping right next to an oversized faux diamond. They certainly don’t ‘go’ together, but it screams my love for both pretty things and all things rustic, and somehow, for me, it just works.”


• Create a throw blanket or pillow our of old blankets, jeans or even an old fur jacket, or use an old dress to reupholster a lonely antique Louis chair. “Not only will it be unique and stylish, but it will be one of a kind!”

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