A well-laid out bedroom can have a big impact on its romance level.

A well-laid out bedroom can have a big impact on its romance level.

Reigniting Romance

Of all the rooms in a home, the bedroom may be the one we spend the fewest waking hours in.

But the time that is spent in the bedroom is valuable to both our physical health and that of our relationships – whether it be relaxing, sleeping, or canoodling with a partner.

All too often, however, bedrooms become burdened with an excess of furniture, electronics and clutter, evolving into a place to watch TV, work on the computer or exercise, and as a result, putting romance on the back burner.

But according to Janet Williams, owner of Magic Homestaging in South Surrey, some simple changes to a bedroom’s contents, layout and decor can make a big impact, helping to revive its romantic and rejuvenating ambience in the process.

“First of all, you want to change the master bedroom into a place to relax and find solitude,” Williams says, adding that an amorous and elegant setting can be created by trying to replicate a high-end hotel room.

Williams recommends a monochromatic colour scheme for the bedroom – using variations in lightness and saturation of a single colour – and tends to lean towards soft greys and creams.

She suggests creating texture in the bedroom by way of drapery, throw pillows and rugs – especially if the room has hardwood floors.

“All these little things create that warmth that make the room more welcoming,” she explains. “Rugs are great to have in a room and drapery will also soften a room up and make it more cozy.”

When it comes to bedding, Williams suggests adding a little “glitz,” but warns that leaning too much towards the feminine or masculine can potentially cause problems.

“It’s really important to design to both sexes,” she says. “Women sometimes like the pink and the frills, but a lot of the time, the men aren’t so thrilled about that.”

The placement of furniture in a bedroom is equally important to its overall ambience according to Williams, who says the bed – complete with a nicely upholstered headboard – should be the focal point upon entering a room.

Not only can furniture placement affect how a room looks, it can also impact its energy.

Vancouver-based Feng Shui expert and author Rodika Tchi works in all areas of the home, using the ancient Chinese practice to reveal how the balance of energies in a certain space can affect the health and good fortune of those living there.

Tchi says there are many things to be considered when it comes to placement of the bed in a bedroom.

Firstly, the bed should be easily approachable from both sides, not pushed up against a wall.

“A bed with access from only one side limits the flow of energy to your bed,” Tchi explains. “While it looks like all is quiet when you are sleeping, your body is busy doing intense work and is looking to use all the energy it can to improve your health. When the flow of energy to your bed is restricted, your body does not receive the optimum health it needs.”

Another common mistake when it comes to placement is having a mirror facing the bed, which can also deplete your energy, as will having a bed placed under a window.

An excess of furniture or other items in the bedroom can also cause energy imbalances, according to Tchi, who recommends people banish the TV, computer or exercise equipment to other areas of the home.

She also suggests that windows are opened often, or an air-purifier is used to keep the room fresh and full of oxygen, and that several different levels of lighting should be used to adjust the energy accordingly.

Once the romance level in a bedroom’s decor and layout has been increased, Williams notes it’s important to keep the room organized and free of excess junk.

“If you try to keep that bedroom clutter-free and much more restful and peaceful, it will carry onto the rest of your life and make your life so much calmer,” William says, noting that clutter-filled bedrooms are a common occurrence in her line of work as a home stager.

“People think no one sees that room – but you see that room, and that’s what’s important.”

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