An elegant holiday updo, styled by Brian Burke of Firefly Hair Co. at South Surrey's Morgan Crossing, modeled by Elizabeth Burke.

Create your own Holiday Hairdo – Elegant Updo

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Described by Firefly co-owner and stylist Brian Burke as “runway hair,” this style – as modeled by Brian’s sister, Elizabeth – is perfect for a holiday cocktail party.

After Elizabeth’s hair is washed and blow-dried at his new Morgan Crossing salon, Brian puts in hot rollers, a step he says isn’t necessarily to make the hair curly but just to give it a bit of movement, as bone-straight hair can be difficult to work with. If hot rollers aren’t available, Brian notes velcro rollers, a curling iron or even a flat iron can be used.

Once hot rollers are removed – the length of time they stay in depends on how much curl you need, as well as the type of hair you’re working with – it’s time to create a foundation for the updo.

Brian accomplishes this by putting two ponytails in the centre of Elizabeth’s head, noting a solid foundation is one of the most important aspects of a successful updo.

The next step is to backcomb the ponytails, which allows the pins to grip nicely into the foundation when you start pinning pieces up, and also creates a nice amount of height for the overall look.

When sectioning the hair as you start to pin into the ponytails, Brian recommends taking ‘unclean sections’ and not using strong parts, as the lines will be visible once you’re finished. Any of the frizziness that was created by backcombing can be smoothed out with a brush or comb, as well as a spritz of hairspray.

Leaving some of the ends dangling creates a look that is almost feather-like, fun and less formal, as contrasted to a bridal updo.

Hair accessories, such as some fancy clips and pins, can also be used with this look, and will make the updo a little easier and more dressy.

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