Two holiday hairstyles modeled by Jennifer Bouchard (left) and Holly Scarfe, and styled by hair and makeup artist Kelsey Lakota, of Michaud's Salon and Spa in Cloverdale.

Create your own Holiday Hairdo – Glamorous and Sexy

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Easy, yet glamorous

On model Jennifer Bouchard (left), Kelsey has created a “super easy, yet glamorous” look by combining long curls with retro makeup, complete with bold, red lips, which are super popular for the holiday season.

Using a one-inch curling iron, Kelsey curls medium-sized sections towards the front, allowing the curls to fall nicely around the face. (Curling towards the back would create a “Farrah Fawcet” look, which Kelsey notes isn’t as popular right now).

Kelsey recommends using a “memory” style product, especially on finer hair that may not hold a curl as well, and hairspray that isn’t too heavy. Finish with a gloss to tame fly-aways, and don’t fuss too much – that will help to create a soft, romantic look.

Side-swept and sexy

A slightly more difficult look – as modeled by Holly Scarfe (right) and matched with smokey eyes and simple lips – is one that Kelsey has had plenty of requests for this year, and was most famously seen on actress Eva Longoria.

Starting with a braid across the front, ideal for unruly bangs, Kelsey then curls the rest of Holly’s hair with a flat iron, this time, curling towards the back. Because the flat iron can reach higher temperatures than a traditional curling iron, Kelsey says it often creates curls that last longer. She then backcombs the sections, starting at the back of the crown and moving forward, which adds cushioning, height and creates something for the pins to hold onto.

Then she begins pinning, a process she advises you shouldn’t fuss too much over. Pinning towards one side to create the side-swept look, Kelsey simply put her hand into Holly’s hair, picking up a few drooping pieces and places pins in around her hand, leaving some pieces out to create a somewhat messy look.

This is a hairstyle Kelsey says can be done on any length or hair type, but for thicker hair she recommends using a small ponytail or bun in the back as your foundation.

Finish by smoothing over pieces with a backcombing brush and a little bit of hairspray. (Too much, however, can cause more frizz.)

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