The Anthology's Kelsey Dundon explains who to make summer styles work for all body types.

The Anthology's Kelsey Dundon explains who to make summer styles work for all body types.

Stand-out season

The Anthology's Kelsey Dundon dishes on summer's trends and how to make them work for you.

What’s bold, patterned and fabulous? It could be you, wearing the season’s hottest styles. creator and Vancouver fashion maven Kelsey Dundon spoke with Indulge about the hottest looks for the summer.

With so many different looks coming out for the warm weather, it can be tricky finding one that works for you.

For those who have an olive complexion, Dundon suggests incorporating pastel colours into the wardrobe.

“Pastels are massive right now. It’s funny, back in the day, pastels were very 1980s, so you think of polo shirts and khakis, but now it’s much more sorbet and sophisticated. We’re seeing everything from pastel blouses, denims to shoes taking over,” Dundon said, noting at the same time, there are still lots of saturated colours being used.

“Having both opposing colour palettes is interesting, but I think it reflects that sunshine, outdoorsy feel that everyone loves.”

However, Dundon admits, even the most fearless fashionista could have issues pulling off pastels.

“It can be really difficult to wear, unless you have an olive skin tone,” she said.

“It can easily wash someone out. I have very fair skin, so if I wear a light yellow, I look like a zombie.”

For those with a fair complexion who are wanting to get on the trend, Dundon suggests incorporating pastels by way of accessories, such as a patent leather handbag or shoes.

“It’s great to expand your footwear beyond the typical black and brown we see,” she said.”Get some bright colours to freshen up your wardrobe.”

For those who want to forego pastels, another major trend is prints, Dundon said.

“They’re really daring right now. Whether they’re really graphic, abstract or Alexander McQueen-style, which are bold and computer-manipulated.”

And if you’re feeling a bit daring, Dundon suggests trying on a bold, all-over patterned dress.

To tone down the trend, incorporating a silky blouse with a simple print is an easy and conservative way to wear the trend.

“You can wear it with a skirt or with a jacket on top to make it office appropriate,” Dundon said.

And for those who are not 18-years-old, five-foot-ten and 110 pounds, Dundon has some simple tricks on wearing prints.

“If you have a model body, clothes will hang off beautifully. But if you are curvier, it can be challenging. It’s all about maintaining proportions and balancing out your shape,” she said.

For those who are top-heavy, pick a top that is neutral and opt for a printed skirt which will draw eyes to the lower body, creating an optical illusion.

For those who carry weight around their hips and thighs, Dundon suggests switching the combination – neutral on bottom, bold on top.

Above all else, Vancouver’s favourite fashionista encourages people to take risks.

“Even though a print might look wild on a hanger, try it on and then you can mix it up,” she said. “Fashion is really fun right now. It’s bold, it’s playful and there are so many colours and prints.

“It’s the perfect opportunity to play around and get outside your comfort zone.”


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