Citrus Pavlova

RECIPE: Citrus Pavlova

  • Sep. 21, 2011 7:00 p.m.

Pavlova Logs60 g egg whites60 g granulated sugar54 g icing sugar (sift 2x)Lemon Mousse Curd7.5g butter10 g icing sugar20 ml lemon juice1 yolk½ sheet gelatin, bloomed in ice water

Vanilla Cream500 ml whipping cream100 g white chocolate1 vanilla bean, scraped4 gelatin sheets, bloomed

Garnish4 blood orange segments4 navel orange segments1 grapefruit segment each

Pavolva:Whisk egg whites until they begin to froth. Add half the granulated sugar. Whisk for about two minutes. Add rest of the granulated sugar. Continue to whisk until stiff shiny peaks form. Fold in icing sugar, making sure not to overwork meringue. Place in piping bag and pipe logs onto parchment paper. Bake on low fan at 120 C for 11 minutes, rotating halfway. Store in freezer until use.

Vanilla Cream:Heat ingredients in pot. Add gelatin. Cool. Whisk to stiff peaks once cold and quenelle.

Lemon Mousse Curd:Bring butter, lemon juice and half of icing sugar to a boil. Temper with yolks and rest of icing sugar. Whisk over heat until thick and then whisk in gelatine. Cool. Fold with 40 g of whipped cream with 10 g of icing sugar.

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