Curry Cornmeal Crusted Scallops with Corn Succotash

Curry Cornmeal Crusted Scallops with Corn Succotash

RECIPE: Curry Cornmeal Crusted Scallops w/ Corn Succotash

  • Sep. 21, 2011 6:00 p.m.

Corn Puree8 cups corn, off the cob

Corn Succotash1 Tbsp olive oil2 bell peppers, diced2 tsp Dale Mackay’s Mexican Spice Blend (or your own)3 sprigs chervil, finely chopped2 cups corn kernels

Corn puree 1 Tbsp creamScallops w/ Curry Cornmeal Crust12 scallops        1 cup coarse cornmeal1/4 cup Dale Mackay’s Canadian Curry powder

Sauce*1/4 cup scallop trim 8 shallots, rough chop3 liters Double chicken jus (or brown chicken stock)White wine vinegarAromatics

Garnish:Roasted mushroomsSea asparagus *Scallop trim might be tough to come by, so rest assured, this dish sings well enough without the sauce.  If you can wrangle the trim from a fishmonger though, do so.

Corn Puree:Blend the corn kernels for approximately 3 minutes on high-speed in blender until pulped. Strain through a fine chinois or cheese cloth, pressing the juice from the remaining pulp. In a rounded bottom pan, cook the strained juices over low–medium heat whisking constantly as the starches will catch on the bottom. Cook until natural starches have thickened and the flavours of the starches have dissipated, approximately 15 minutes. Strain, cover and cool.

Succotash:In a hot pan add a splash of oil and quickly sauté the bell peppers. Once the rawness of the peppers is gone, add the Mexican Spice Blend and cook for a few seconds more to toast the spices. To assemble, combine in a pot: the corn, a splash of cream and the bell peppers. Heat with a splash of water until the corn is just under cooked. Add corn puree and splash of water to the desired consistency and finish with chopped chervil.

Scallop Jus:In a pan over very high heat, roast scallop trim to caramelize. Once a deep color has developed, add shallots and sweat. Add aromatics (coriander, peppercorns and thyme).  Deglaze with vinegar and reduce until a glaze. Add double chicken stock and bring to a simmer. Skim regularly and pass through a fine chinois when desired consistency has been reached. Ideally, the sauce should hold the plate without pooling.

Scallops with Curry Cornmeal Crust:Combine in a bowl the cornmeal and curry powder before pressing scallops firmly into the crust mix.  Sear the scallops over medium-high heat for 1.5 minutes per side until coloured and cooked.

Assembly:Put down a bed of the succotash; place the scallops on top. Garnish with the roasted mushrooms and sea asparagus; and drizzle the scallop jus around.

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