Mistral Dark Chocolate Mousse

Mistral Dark Chocolate Mousse

RECIPE: Mistral Dark Chocolate Mousse

  • Feb. 9, 2011 4:00 p.m.

While the portions below make more than enough for a magical Valentine’s Day dessert, you might just find yourself going back for seconds with this rich, unctuous mousse…or thirds!

500 g dark chocolate

100 g unsalted butter

450 g packaged egg whites (or whites of 15 eggs)

100 g sugar

1 pinch salt

Beat the egg whites and a pinch of salt using either a stand mixer or a whisk and large bowl until they form a foam.

Melt the butter on the stove at a very low heat – once butter has melted add chocolate and stir continually until chocolate has melted. Add sugar to the egg white foam and keep beating for two minutes, until they begin to form stiff peaks.

Mix the chocolate into the egg white foam carefully using a spatula – slowly turn the bowl using your left hand, and carefully fold the mixture from the bottom of the bowl to combine. Be careful not to lose the air in the egg whites.

Empty the mix into another bowl and let cool in the fridge for two hours. To serve, heat a pair of serving spoons in warm water and shape into quenelles.

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