5 to start your day

5 to start your day

Park Board votes to nix whales at Vancouver Aquarium, carfentanil found in Abbotsford and more you need to know

1. Park Board votes to nix whales at the Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Park Board has unanimously decided to amend a bylaw to prohibit the importation and display of live whales, dolphins and porpoises at the Vancouver Aquarium. See more >

2. Two killed in East Vancouver shooting, crime unit on scene

Police responded to reports of gunfire in the area of East 31 Avenue and Inverness Street around 9:30 p.m., where they found two men in a vehicle. See more >

3. Carfentanil confirmed in Abbotsford: lab

Street-level drugs tested positive for carfentanil – an opioid used in elephant tranquilizer. See more >

4. Elton John seeks out rap music at Vancouver record store

The Rocket Man himself stopped through the Mainland before two weekend shows in Victoria. See more >

5. City councillor wants to use poop DNA to nab lazy dog owners

A city councillor made the suggestion earlier this week, to create a dog DNA registry in order to test left-behind dog doo and fine the ‘poo’-petrator owner. See more >

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