5 to start your day

5 to start your day

Former ICBC employee charged for accessing names in attacks, weekend protest planned at Peace Arch border, and more.

1. Former ICBC employee charged for accessing names in Justice Institute attacks

A former ICBC employee, 44-year-old Candy Rheaume, is now being charged with fraudulently obtaining names of attack victims from the Justice Institute of B.C. Rheaume was sentenced to 13 years in prison for the attacks. See more >

2. Judge to rule on mormon trafficking case

A judge is expected to deliver his ruling on case involving three people from polygamous group Bountiful, accused of removing girls from Canada to be placed in plural marriages. See more >

3. Weekend protest at Peace Arch border connects Americans to Canadians

Canadians and Americans are rallying together in protest of President Donald Trump’s travel ban Sunday – from both sides of the Peace Arch border. See more >

4. HandyDart services need to work on wait times: survey

Wait times, travel times, and costs are three concerns for HandyDart riders, according to a provincial survey by the Office of the Seniors Advocate. See more >

5. NDP announces carbon tax campaign

Should the carbon tax be increased? NDP leader John Horgan plans to campaign on a pledge to increase B.C.’s carbon tax on fuels earlier than the B.C. Liberals, and send out “climate action rebate cheques.” See more >

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